Tuition and Admissions

2020-202 School Year Tuition
Important Information Regarding Tuition Assistance for Catholic School Students

The Catholic Education Foundation at the Diocese of Joliet distributes hundreds of needs-based scholarships each year. Students K-12 are eligible to apply for financial assistance to help cover the cost of tuition. The tuition assistance grants are determined on an annual basis. Families must apply each year in order to be considered. All determinations are based on the grant and aid application from the FACTS Company. Families are encouraged to complete this application in January and ensure that all required documentation is submitted by the deadline. Families will be notified of grant awards in the Spring. The award checks will be sent directly to the schools. More information and links can be found at the Catholic Education Foundation website: or by calling the St. Pius X Parish School Office at 630-627-2353.

Families can also acquire financial assistance through Empower Illinois at  Please watch for updates on the deadline for appplying for Empower Illinois scholarships.

For the 2020 – 2021 school year, all families who wish to make any special financial arrangements for the payment of tuition will be required to complete an aid application.  Consideration for special financial arrangements will not be made without a completed aid application to FACTS  by the deadline.

2020-2021 School Year Tuition

One student

Grades K-8


Two students

Grades K-8


Two students

One in grade 1-8 and a ½ kindergarten


Three students

Grades K-8


Three students

Two in grade 1-8 and a ½  kindergarten


Kindergarten half day



3 & 4 year old preschool


See below

Preschool "Flex" Program Tuition Schedule
Half days =  2 ($1,300), 3 ($1,900), 4 ($2,200), 5 ($2,500)
Full days =   2 ($1,700), 3 ($2,600), 4 ($3.400), 5 ($4.300)

*Preschool requires a minimum of two-half days for 3 year olds and a minimum of three-half days for 4 year olds.

Active Parishioner Grant per Family (Grades K-8)
$700 credit applied to tuition

Eighth grade graduation fee: $200 per student

Second grade sacrament fee:  $50 per student

Eighth grade sacrament fee:    $50 per student

Mandatory Fundraiser
Each family with preschool through 8th grade students will have a total obligation of $400 (20 tickets at $20 each), regardless of the number of students in the school.  Families will receive one-half of the ticket obligation in fall ($200) and will be required to return the tickets and payment prior to the drawing in December. Families will receive the second half of the ticket obligation in winter ($200) and be required to return the tickets and payment in the spring.

Families have the option of selling the tickets or buying them.

Manna Program
In an effort to help make tuition more affordable for families, St. Pius has a very active Manna program.  When you purchase certificates at face value to use at local grocery stores, retail stores, gas stations, restaurants and more, a percentage of each certificate is put into a tuition account for your family.  For more information, please visit the Manna section on this website.

Financial Assistance
Families who request financial assistance for the payment of their school tuition are required to complete the FACTS Grant and Aid Application. These applications are obtained through the school office and when completed are mailed directly to FACTS Management Company. The FACTS Company has been designated by the Diocese of Joliet as the best resource to help schools determine how to allocate financial aid to their families. All families are required to complete this application by the date mandated by the Diocese of Joliet in order to be considered for financial aid from St. Pius. Families who request financial assistance must apply each school year. 

Empower Illinois scholarships are available at  Please watch for information regarding application deadlines from the school office.