St. Pius X Parish School realizes the important role that grandparents have in the lives of children. While parents are mainly responsible for caring for their children, our grandparents play a vital supporting role. With a grandparent, a child can learn new things, share stories and have a role model and friend. Our grandparents treasure the past and love teaching these memories to their grandchildren. These life stories provide grandchildren with treasures to cherish throughout their lives and give them something to pass onto their own children later on.

Each year, in honor of the special role grandparents play, St. Pius hosts a special day for them. We invite our grandparents to celebrate Mass with their families and community, where they will receive a special blessing followed by a reception in our Social Center.

The faculty of St. Pius wishes to thank our grandparents and in recognition of their value, we have designed this special page on our website just for them.


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