Manna Program

Welcome to the Manna Program at St. Pius X Parish School! Participating in Manna helps you earn credits toward your tuition at St. Pius (both the school and Faith Formation programs), as well as at Montini Catholic High School. 

Manna revolves around gift cards! St. Pius buys gift cards at a discounted rate. Then we sell them at full face value to you. The profits earned from the discounted purchases is divided so that a portion goes toward your tuition account and a portion is placed in the school's operating fund.  


The Manna program uses an online ordering system - and the RaiseRight app. 

Please click here to view the how-to documents to enroll and order.

You can also use the Benefit app for immediate purchases while in line! 

Click here for Benefit info

Click here to complete the Delivery Authorization Form.