Manna Program

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Welcome to the Manna Program at St. Pius X Parish School! Participating in Manna helps you earn credits toward your tuition at St. Pius (both the school and Faith Formation programs), as well as at Montini Catholic High School. 

Manna revolves around gift cards! St. Pius buys gift cards and gift certificates from 150 vendors at a discounted rate. Then we sell them at full face value to you. The profits earned from the discounted purchases is divided so that a portion goes toward your tuition account and a portion is placed in the school's operating fund.  For St. Pius School families, 70% goes toward YOUR school tuition and 30% is placed in the school’s operating fund. If you are a Faith Formation family, your percentage is 50%, and if you are a Montini family, your percentage is 70%.

For example, Jewel sells gift cards to us at a 5% discount, so $100 in Jewel cards cost us $95. If you purchase $100 of Jewel cards through this program, you give us a check for $100, we give you the cards, and the difference of $5 is divided like this: $3.50 in your tuition account and $1.50 into the school’s budget (this example assumes you are a St. Pius School family). It’s that easy - and you won’t believe how quickly it adds up! For example, the Wolf family accumulated more than $750 toward their daughter's tuition last year, mainly by buying Jewel and Speedway gift cards each week.

Questions about the Manna program? Megan Pauley

Manna Forms

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