This school handbook has been prepared to help you become more knowledgeable of the purposes and procedures at St. Pius X Parish School, and to support and create an ever-closer relationship among students, parents, teachers and administration.

While this handbook has been developed to answer most of the questions that may arise, it is certainly not meant to cover every situation. Please feel free to call the staff at the school when you need clarification on matters not covered in this text. This handbook will be in effect until revisions are necessary.

It details policies that serve as a guideline to the daily operation of our school. However, policy statements are necessarily general, and the principal and pastor reserve the right to:

  1. Make specific applications as the circumstances arise.
  2. Amend the handbook as necessary throughout the year.

We ask that you read this booklet carefully, discuss it with your child(ren) and use it for reference throughout the school year.  It is our hope that it will serve as a helpful guide to those devoted to the education of the children in our school.  Items in red text note changes or additions from last year's handbook.  

In our efforts to "Go Green", below is your copy of the Handbook. Any changes to its content will be noted here in the "Handbook Changes" document.  

Full Handbook 2020-21



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