Parent FAQ's

What is the Uniform policy at St. Pius X?
The 2018 Uniform Policy can be found here. Schoolbelles is the official supplier of St. Pius uniforms, and the website can be found at
The School Code for St. Pius is S2358. Please note our inventory is located at the Schoolbelles store in Des Plaines. Pricing guide can be found by clicking here. 

Parents who wish to return an item purchased from Schoolbelles may do so in one of two ways:

1.  Return the item directly to the store located at 7254 W. Foster Avenue, Harlem-Foster Shopping Center, Chicago, Il.  Per Schoolbelles, they should be able to exchange the item at the store or order you a new one.  You should not pay for shipping for the new item.

2.  Bring your item to be returned to St. Pius X School along with the form to return and the label.  To re-order your item, call the Schoolbelles store at 7254 W. Foster Avenue, Harlem-Foster Shopping Center, Chicago, Il at 773-631-0450.  Advise the staff that you returned the item per our representative, Sandy Bruton, and are ordering on the phone a new one.  You should not pay for shipping for the new item per Sandy Bruton.

Can my child bring their cell phone to school?
Yes, children may bring their cell phones to school; however, they must be dropped off in the school office at the start of the day.  The students then pick them up at the end of the day.  Students caught carrying or using a cell phone during the school day will have it confiscated.  Parents will be required to pick up the cell phone in the school office.

Can my child wear shorts to school?
Students may wear school shorts that may be purchased at Schoolbelles starting with the first day of school until October 1. Beginning May 1, students may resume wearing school shorts.

How do I get a copy of my tuition or Extended Care statements?
Please contact the school office for a copy of your tuition statement or your extended care statements.

May I bring my child a special lunch to school?
Parents may bring lunch to school for their children, however, lunches from fast food places and/or restaurants require the student to eat the lunch outside of the school office.  These lunches may not be brought down to the lunchroom or eaten in the classroom. Lunches must be marked with the child’s name on them and can be left outside the school office. Please do not bring beverages in glass bottles. If possible, when ordering lunch from a fast food place or restaurant, try to avoid pop or energy drinks.

Where can I buy a St. Pius pencil case?
If there is any additional inventory of pencil cases, assignment notebooks, etc., they can be purchased in the school office. We always recommend that you pre-order these supplies as there is no guarantee there will be any extra available for sale.

I forgot to pack my child a lunch, what happens now?
When children do not have a lunch, the school office will make every attempt to contact a parent first. If a parent is not available to bring a lunch to school, students in the same grade level will be asked to share a lunch with your child. All food allergies will be taken into consideration when sharing lunches.

With the implementation of our new hot lunch program, we will not have extra lunches available for students who have forgotten a lunch.

What should we do if my child has a dentist/doctor/orthodontist appointment?
If the appointment is before your child will be coming to school, please leave a message with the school office. Upon returning to school, please provide a note from the dentist/doctor/orthodontist.  If your child will be leaving school early for an appointment, please send your child to school with a note explaining the reason for the early dismissal and what time you will be picking them up.

How do I get homework for my child?
With the exception of preschool, parents are asked to complete a Homework Request in the beginning of the school year. This request supplies the homeroom teacher with a list of names of students who can bring home your child’s work.  Homework must be requested by 9:00 a.m. when you call your child in absent. Homework requests called in after this time will not be honored.  If you would prefer to pick up your child’s homework, it is available on the counter outside the school office at 3:10 p.m.  Homework will only be sent home after a student has been absent for two days.

Do the children go outside for recess?
Yes, the students go outside every day for recess, weather permitting. Please dress your children appropriately for the weather. The children are allowed to play in the snow in the winter provided they have boots, hat, snow pants and mittens/gloves.  We ask that parents include a pair of socks in their child’s backpack on snow days in case the child’s socks get wet.  On days when it is raining or too cold to go outside, the students have recess in their homerooms.

How do I get hot lunch for my child?
St. Pius X is working on locating a new hot lunch provider. 

How long is a detention and where does my child serve it?
Detentions are after school and the day and time are indicated on the detention slip. They are usually one hour in length and are served in the classroom of the teacher who issued the detention.

My child lost a textbook, now what?

Textbooks that are lost or damaged are replaced and the cost is charged to the parent.

When is a good time to speak to my child’s teacher?

The best way to reach a teacher is via their e-mail. At that time, you may request a telephone call or ask to set up an appointment. You may also call the school office and leave a message for your child’s teacher.  It is not recommended that parents stop in during the school day to see their child’s teacher, as many of our teachers serve dual roles in other capacities, such as bus duty, tutors, etc.

How do I know if I qualify for bus service?
St. Pius X Parish School bus service is provided for residents who reside within the School District 45 boundaries. Additional qualifications require the residence to be more than one and one-half miles from the school, or to have a pre-approved hazard. For additional information, families may contact School District 45 at (630) 516-7700. 

What is my child allowed to wear to school when the weather gets colder? Parents may refer to the handbook located on our website for uniform requirements and restrictions. Parents may also purchase zippered fleece or sweaters from Schoolbelles to ensure their child is warm on colder days. Students are not allowed to wear any other types of sweatshirts or hoodies.

Can I bring a special treat for my child’s birthday? If a family chooses to send in treats for their child's birthday, they will need to be individually wrapped. The student will be allowed to pass them out at the end of the day.  All treats are sent home to be inspected by parents in an effort to be cautious regarding allergies and medical conditions.

How do I volunteer at school?
Volunteers are always welcome and appreciated at St. Pius. All volunteers must follow the rules established by the Diocese of Joliet before they can volunteer in any capacity. Parents must attend a Protecting God’s Children class, submit a background check, complete a DCFS form and read and sign a Pastoral Acknowledgment before they can volunteer. These forms are available in the school office.

Volunteers include but are not limited to field trip chaperones, scout leaders, math parents, reading parents, party helpers, coaches, assistant coaches, etc. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Can I walk my child to class?
The office staff is available throughout the school day to assist your child to their homeroom and to help them carry their backpacks or special projects.

How can I inform the school about my child’s food allergies?
When completing your child’s Emergency Card, please indicate all food allergies. If your child requires medication or the use of an Epi-Pen, please be sure to note this on your Emergency Card.  Food allergy information is shared with the office staff, the playground/lunchroom staff and the child’s teachers, as well as noted on flyers when asking for snacks or classroom treats.

Can I send my child to school with medicine?
Students are not allowed to carry any medicine with them during the school day. This is as much for the safety of your child as for the other children in the building. All over the counter medications (Tylenol, Advil, Tums and cough drops) and all prescriptions must be kept in the school office. A refrigerator is available for antibiotics and insulin. Parents are required to complete a medical form that is available in the school office, which describes the medication, dosage and dispensation. The only exception to this rule is if a physician requires a student to carry an inhaler. Parents are required to complete a form requesting that an inhaler be carried by a student. This form must be signed by a physician.