Health requirements for students for the current chool year are as follows:

3 year old preschool students – need a complete physical examination
4 year old preschool students – only students entering the preschool program for the first time need a complete physical examination
Kindergarten students – need a complete physical examination, eye exam and dental examination
Second grade students
need a dental examination
Fifth grade students – need a sports physical
Sixth grade students – need a complete physical examination and a dental examination
Seventh grade students – need a sports physical
Eighth grade students – need a sports physical

Listed below is more detailed information from the DuPage County Health Department regarding the above examinations and physicals.  All sports physicals and complete physicals for sixth grade students are due to the school office by August 1, of the current school year. Students in fifth through eighth grade without a sports physical or a complete physical will be unable to participate in any camps, practices or sports until such time as the school office has the forms.

All dental, eye and other physical forms are due to the school office by the first day of school to avoid exclusion from school. The exclusion date for the current school year is September 30th of that year to ensure that all immunization requirements have been fulfilled. 

Physical Examination

On the two page State Immunization Form, your responsibility is to:

  • Completely fill out the highlighted top portion of the physical form – don’t forget address, phone number and grade.
  • Completely fill out and sign the Health History. Your doctor’s office will not complete these sections. 

Your physician is responsible to:

  • Completely fill in and sign the immunization section with no missing doses.
  • Perform a complete physical with signature.
  • Indicate whether your child can participate in sports and/or gym.
  • Send a written statement if a vaccine is not available.

Sixth grade students: All students entering sixth grade will be required to provide documentation of receipt of one dose of Tdap for the current school year.

Kindergarten students: Your physical will need to report one of the following regarding the newly mandated varicella (chicken pox) vaccine.

  • Documentation of immunization or
  • Written documentation that your child had chicken pox.

Illinois School Physical Examination Form

Dental Examination

Illinois Department of Public Health mandates a dental examination within eighteen (18) months of entering kindergarten, second and sixth grade. The dental exam must be completed by a licensed dentist. This form will need to be turned in on the first day of school. The exclusion date for this school year was September 30th of the current school year.. This means a student may not be allowed to attend school after this date unless all dental requirements are fulfilled. Turning everything in by the first day of school allows time to have incomplete forms corrected and/or signed before the exclusion date.

Illinois Dental Examination Form

Eye Examination

A mandatory eye examination will be required for all students entering kindergarten by the Illinois Department of Public Health beginning with the current school year..

Illinois Eye Examination Form

If you have any questions, please feel free to the school office at (630) 627-2353. 

IHSA Sports Pre-Examination Physical
(Required for students in fifth, seventh and eighth grades who plan on playing any sports) 

Sports Physical Form for Elementary Students

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