Email Directory
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Principal Mrs. Toni Miller
Administrative Assistant       Mrs. Donna Perlowski
School Secretary Mrs. Ellen Jaros
Social Worker Mrs. Jennifer Hassler
Preschool 3 year old Mrs. Karen Williams
  Mrs. Lori Chromek - Aide
Preschool 4 year old  Mrs. Carrie Igoe 
  Mrs. Vanessa Quariver - Aide
Kindergarten Mrs. Sara Damitz
  Mrs. Laura DeFeo
First Grade Ms. Lindsey Bell
  Mrs. Carol Christophe
Second Grade Mrs. Deborah Erl
Third Grade Mrs. Jessica Jarosinski
  Ms. Katelyn Kott
Fourth Grade Ms. Jean Berezewski
  Mrs. Heather Andretti
Fifth Grade Mrs. Jennifer Tortorello
  Ms. Kathy Magis
  Mrs. Christine Pearson
Sixth Grade Mr. John Byrd
  Mrs. Susan Pruyn
Seventh Grade Mr. Jonah Sheehan
  Mrs. Tracy Pohl
Eighth Grade Mrs. Amy Georgitsis
  Mrs. Mary Koykar 
  Mrs. Erin Tuttle
Art & Music Mr. Paul Velat
Physical Education Mrs. Erin Tuttle
Spanish Mrs. Malu Popernik
Technology  Mrs. Lynn Kirchoff
Athletic Director Mr. Edward Sullivan
Learning Assistance Mrs. Christine Pearson
Maintenance Director Ms. Sallie McGinn