Principal's Letters


Dear Parents,

I hope this end of summer finds you and your family well.  We have been hard at work preparing for what we believe will be an extraordinary year at St. Pius.

In my travels to Thailand and Cambodia this summer, one thing stood out to me.  Community is such an important part of all of our lives, I saw it firsthand on the other side of the world and it struck me how much I rely on our amazing community here at St. Pius.  With that in mind, I would like to emphasize and celebrate our wonderful St. Pius community this year.  We have some new and exciting events and programs which we hope will strengthen our community even further.  PSA and our C.A.R.E. committees have been hard at work thinking of new and creative ways to bring us all together.  It is my sincerest hope that you take advantage of these opportunities to dive deeper into our community of faith and friendship.

As you may already know, Mrs. Twarog retired last year from kindergarten.  I am very excited to introduce Mrs. Laura DeFeo as our new kindergarten teacher.  Mrs. DeFeo has taught at St. Walter’s School in Roselle and brings great positive energy to her new position.  Many of you know her as a current school parent.  Please join me in welcoming her to our amazing school team.

We are also pleased to tell you about some changes in our Early Childhood wing.  This summer, we embarked on a project to begin upgrades to this part of the building.  Being the oldest section, it was beginning to show signs of age.  We began with rooms 101 and 102.  We made this one large space, which will now house three year old preschool.  The space is dividable, in the event we want it to make it into two rooms.  Mrs. Karen Williams will be the lead teacher for this program.  Mrs. Williams took on the lead role for three year old preschool last year and also brings years of experience, having taught at St. Matthew’s School in the Diocese of Joliet.  She will be assisted by Mrs. Lori Chromek and Mrs. Raissa Alandy.  They have worked diligently to re-invent this space, to make it modern and progressive, with space for educational centers.  Please take a moment to check out our renovation of these rooms.  We will keep you updated as we move on to other classrooms in this wing.

St. Pius School is abuzz with activity preparing for the start of school.  There is nothing like the energy of a school at the start of a new year.  I speak on behalf of myself and the staff in saying “Welcome home to St. Pius”.  We eagerly await Meet the Teacher Day to hear about everyone’s summer adventures and to start on our new school year journey.

I hope you enjoy your last few days of summer.  See you in a few weeks!


Warmest regards,



Toni Miller