St. Pius X Volleyball

Who is able to participate in volleyball?
Boys and girls in grades fifth through eighth are allowed to sign up for volleyball. 

What is required for my child to play?
You must pay the $75 registration fee and your child must have a completed sports physical on file in the school office. 

Is there an additional cost for a uniform?
There is no surcharge to purchase a uniform.  The Athletic Association provides each student athlete with a uniform top for the season.  At the completion of the season, all student athletes are required to return their uniform to the Athletic Director.  

When does the season occur?
The season starts in early-August and runs through mid-November 

How many practices will my child have per week?
Your child will have two one-hour and 15 minute practices during the week to be held at St. Pius X or another local gymnasium. 

How many matches will my child play in a season?
If your child is in fifth or sixth grade, they will play ten matches (not including tournaments) in one season.  

If your child is in seventh or eighth grade, they will play twelve matches (not including tournaments) in one season.

Are there any volunteer commitments?
At St. Pius, parents are expected to volunteer at least four times during the season working the admission and concession stands.  The matches parents will be required to volunteer to work for include regular season matches, regular season tournament matches, and post season tournament matches. 

St. Pius X is a member of the DuPage Parochial League Volleyball Association.  For more information on the DPLVA please visit the league website: