St. Pius X Cross Country

Who is able to participate in cross country?
Boys and girls in grades fifth through eighth are allowed to sign up for cross country.

What is required for my child to participate?
You must pay the $45 registration fee and your child must have a completed sports physical on file in the school office.

Is there an additional cost for a uniform?
There is a $15 surcharge to purchase a uniform.  This uniform is for the student athletes to keep after the season has completed. 

When does the season occur?
The season starts in early August and runs through mid-October.

How many practices will my child have per week?
Your child will have three 1 hour and 15 minute practices during the week to be held on the Prairie Path near St. Alexander Church in Villa Park.

How many meets will my child participate in a season?
All athletes will compete in five meets during the season, which occur on Saturday mornings. The first meet will occur on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend.

How far will my child have to run in a meet?
Athletes in fifth grade will run a 1.0 mile course for their meets.  Athletes in sixth grade will run a 1.5 mile course for their meets.  Athletes in seventh grade and eighth grade will run a 2.0 mile course for their meets.

Are there any volunteer commitments?
At St. Pius X, parents are expected to volunteer at least two times during the season to help satisfy the needs of meet administration.

St. Pius X is member of the Suburban Parochial League.  For more information on the league, please visit